ENGAGEMENTS: Where Ed's playing!

Date2017=Each Saturday afternoon 4:00 to 6:00 pm
HeadlineTartistry Cofee house=Regular afternoon Jam Session
NewsThese are regular Jam-Sessions of the "FAIR TRADE" group (sextet), with instrumentalist & singers guests at this lovely, cosy & informal place on the main floor of the charismatic "Cafe" venue, "TARTISTRY". The Grand Piano on premises(!!!), great tarts, good coffee & tea selections ...., that all creates a perfect atmosphere for spending some enjoyable Saturday afternoon. Jazz violinist Ed Vokurka joins frequently these sessions with the enthusiasm typical for him in his performances, and with the true devotion to performing a great quality music.
Address: 1250 The Queensway
(North side, 2nd block East of Kipling Ave.) Etobicoke. See map at: > http://goo.gl/maps/g8VtE <
Tel: (647) 748-1818
E-mail: michele@tartistry.ca
More Informationhttp://tartistry.ca/