ENGAGEMENTS: Where Ed's playing!

Date2018=Relish Bar & Grill=2152 Danfoth Ave.
HeadlineDjango Gypsy Swing Jam
NewsEach 1st-Tuesday of the month, Ed is frequently sitting-in during the 1st-set of these popular evening Jam Sessions which attracts sometimes up to 10-musicians.The instruments are predominantly several acoustic guitars, accordions, clarinet, trombone, trumpet or Tuba and Ed's violin. The music selection is mostly from the repertoire of famous Gypsy Guitarist Django Reinhardt and violinist Stephane Grappelli with some additions of the well known standards. For this week venue(s) and the starting time, please contact the Jam organizer Abbey Sholzberg, Tel. (647) 210-1260
More Informationhttp://www.barandgrill.com