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DateMusical Achievements Listing - History:
News#1 = Holder of the Czech Republic prestigious State Title: "KNIGHT OF CZECH CULTURE" = Prague, 2017.

#2 = Multi-Nominee & the Winner of the NATIONAL JAZZ AWARD CANADA 2006 & 2007.

#3 = Winner of the Provincial Musical Competition "ONTARIO SENIOR STAR" 2013.

#4 = Winner of the National Musical Competition "CANADA SENIOR STAR FINAL" 2013:
> http://youtu.be/RHD6EZiqbzM <

#5 = Semi-finalist in the 2012 "CANADA'S GOT TALENT".

#6 =After rigorous audition, Ed Vokurka was selected for the prestigious position as the Concertmaster/First Violinist in the combined "Toronto Symphony Orchestra" (TSO) & the "Canadian Opera Company Orchestra" (COC), during the BELL "Winter Olympics 2010-Vancouver" promotional TV-recording. (See the 1st-picture in Ed's website under the link "Gallery").

#7 = Listed in Toronto "WHO'S WHO" 2011 & 2012 publication "Toronto's many Faces" under the chapter title

Explanation NOTE:
The following listed events EXCLUDE most of the "private" or "corporate" functions. Only Ed's public engagements are listed here.

More Informationhttp://www.youtube.com/edvokurka